Perfect solution for the educational process,coworking and outdoor events.





This is a project promoting the Microsoft platform in the educational and other fields.
At the core is a set of devices and all the necessary peripherals, packed in a convenient transport case for transportation.





But if you need a solution for a smaller number of devices or more, then we will produce a Mobile class just for your requirements!


weight of all contents

So much Mobile class weighs in full configuration
Thanks to the wheels and handle, you can easily move and work anywhere.


minutes - on average

This is the time needed to prepare the Mobile class for work.  You can see this for yourself by watching the video below with a demo of the preparation of the Mobile class for work!

Maximum mobility

Ability to work

It only takes a few minutes
to get the Mobile class ready
for work

The whole system fits
in a standard size suitcase

The case is superior in all respects to similar solutions based on ‘’trolleys’’

What is included in the Mobile Class?

The basis is a set of devices and the peripherals packed in a convenient transportation protected case.

Modern devices with Windows 10:

transformers, tablets with keyboard, laptops


The Mobile class is equipped with a network access point, including the ability to connect to the mobile Internet.

Protected case

The suitcase is made of durable material, it has handles and wheels for transportation. Inside – a cellular frame for storing of devices and all necessary peripherals.

Software package

Quick and easy setup with Microsoft Intune, which can be handled by a normal user without an administrator. The teacher can control the devices of students, include presentations with translation on laptop screens or interactive whiteboard, conduct testing with automatic uploading of grades to an electronic journal. At the request of the customer, you can expand the functionality of the software.

* The photos used a demo version of the Mobile class.
* On sale option the power supply and all contacts are protected by a cover for safety

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Mobile Class
in figures


Educational institutions have Mobile classes


partners manufacture Mobile classes with necessary equipment and digital solutions on the Windows 10 platform



The second generation of the Mobile class is presented


Companies that purchased Mobile classes for various tasks, ranging from internal testing of employees, demos of their products and ending with off-site events

About us

Information technology is an integral part of our life and is constantly evolving. The modern resident of the city is not constrained by space and time, he is mobile and energetic. Laptops and digital devices make our life free and vibrant.

Technopolis is an official business partner of leading world manufacturers: INTEL, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and others, which guarantees our customers the latest solutions and excellent prices for equipment. And some items of the assortment are exclusive, and you can become their first owners!

We are attentive to the interests of our customers, respect their choice and are ready to provide additional support in our own authorized service center. In all Technopolis stores, an online service for setting up equipment and installing software is implemented.

Mobile computer class based on Microsoft Windows 10 in secondary school No. 26 inKirov

One of the options for a mobile computer class
based on Microsoft Windows 10

Prestigio Visconte Ecliptica

Notebook – transformer
Ability to use in the modes “Tent” (“house”), “Stand”, “Tablet” and normal laptop mode

Keenetic 4G ( KN-1210)

Wifi router
with 3G / 4G support

The possibility of distributing mobile Internet for outdoor events

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 20000

The ability to recharge various devices including a mobile wi-fi router

Wires for connecting laptops

The ability to charge all laptops located inside from one common power supply

Power Supply

Allows you to charge at the same time all laptops that are in the case. The power supply also has active cooling.

Protective foam

Allows you to reliably protect all devices inside the case

Equipped with wheels

The ability to move with the Mobile class anywhere and become truly mobile!

Detachable power cord

The ability to charge devices anywhere and simultaneously all devices.

Folding handle

For convenient movement of the Mobile Class and reduction of dimensions, so that it can, for example, be placed in the trunk of a car 

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